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Walk-In Knife Throwing Sessions are FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE.
Pre-registration is not necessary and does not provide you priority over others who have arrived before you.

Ideal for Individuals, Pairs and Small Groups

A casual way to visit the range, by yourself, or with a friend. Beginners are welcome! Also great for Experienced Throwers to get in some practice.

  • First Come, First Serve Basis
  • Individual Use of Your Lane
  • Perfect for Ongoing Practice
  • League Members SAVE 50%

Your Walk-In Knife Throwing Experience

Come individually, in pairs, or in small groups!
$20.00/hr *including tax*
1 Hour
What Happens at a Walk-In Session?

Walk-In Knife Throwing Sessions offer you the ability to come individually, in singles, pairs or small groups. Qualified, experienced instructors will show you the basics of how to throw, and offer tips and advice throughout your time at the range.

Each thrower receives their own lane, so they can practice at their own pace, without having to share with others.
What to Bring
Closed Toed Shoes, that cover the top of your foot, are mandatory! The TKTO recommends, comfortable, closed toed athletic shoes that cover the top of your foot. If you are wearing opened toed shoes, or shoes that leave the top of your foot exposed, such as flip-flops, sandals or light, canvas or ballet style shoes, you will not be permitted to throw. High heels are not recommended. We also recommend a comfortable, loose fitting top that won’t restrict arm or upper body movement.